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Top Cheap Brands in South Africa?

When it comes to laptops, price is not necessarily a good gauge for quality. While premium laptop brands like the MacBook Pro and the Razor Book 13 have earned their spot at the top of the laptop totem pole there are fewer budget-busting alternatives that offer a high-performance machine at an affordable price.

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of what we think are some of the best performing laptops that run the gamut of budgets and needs. But remember, choosing the right laptop for you involves more than just price. There are several other factors to consider, like power and performance, for example. Some other things you’ll want to consider are battery life, display, keyboard, and portability.

When it comes to the Laptop Sold in South Africa, they haven’t been too pleased with the choices they’ve been presented with the past few years. At least, according to the latest report from the South African Consumer Satisfaction Index (SACSI).

However, the overall satisfaction with available laptop brands is quite high – scoring 75.1 out of 100 in satisfaction – it is still lower than it was in previous years. This means that the satisfaction level in the country is dropping when all indicators say it should be rising. Surprisingly, that score is not too far below that of the score for US consumers (79 out of 100), which is recognized as the industry standard. So what are some of the cheapest laptop brands available for the South African market? We have compiled a shortlist of what we think are the best affordable laptops and their SACSI scores available in the South African Market:

  • Dell – 77.5
  • Lenovo – 75.8
  • Samsung – 75.4
  • Hewlett Packard – 74.5
  • Acer – 73.7 .za Square Logo

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