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Revive a Used Laptop

How to Revive an Old Laptop?

With the pandemic forcing millions of kids to stay home from school, turning parents into part-time childcare workers and part-time homeschoolers, a lot of families are finding out that they need more than just one home computer. And with the sudden demand for more laptops, and the gaps in the supply chain, new laptops are in short supply, and that includes top name brands. So, how do you address an immediate need in your family for a laptop and where would you find a cheap laptop for sale?

The range of uses for a computer in the home is manifold. From schoolwork and distance learning to entertainment and business. But there are also options you can explore to ameliorate the problem. For example, that used laptop sold that has been sitting in your closet for all those years. Simply do a Google search using the manufacturer’s name and serial number. This should lead you to their website where you can find out when it was made and what operating system it ran originally.

If it was built between 2013 and the present, it is more likely that it ran the Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system. If so, then you’re in luck because laptops running Windows 8 or 10 are fairly easy to get back up and running. Plus Microsoft still offers security updates for both operating systems, and there are no conflicts between them and newer web browsers like Chrome.

The best way to make a laptop from this era purr like new again is to reset Windows settings to the default setting, which will wipe the hard drive completely and return the operating system to the way it was when it first left the factory. And don’t worry about the apps that are removed, as they would probably cause all kinds of compatibility security problems when the newer updates are installed. And If your laptop has been on ice for several years, then there will probably have to be a ton of updates installed. So, it is best to just start from scratch.

It may respond sluggishly at first, but that is due to inactivity. Just keep using it and she’ll begin to purr like a kitten in no time.

Use a Crucial System Advisor to locate extra memory for your system. The goal you should be aiming for is around 8 gigs. Installing SSDs is relatively easy. But if you’re a novice, you can find tutorials on YouTube to show you how it’s done. If you’re still unsure, you can always take it to a professional and let them install it for you. .za Square Logo

Sherman is an experienced IT Technician with over 20 years in the industry. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Sherman has started his own laptop tech blog to share his expertise with others. As a skilled and knowledgeable professional, Sherman is the perfect person to turn to for advice on laptops and related technology.

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